Hi, I'm Bi Nguyen.

I'm a full stack web developer.

Welcome to my online portfolio.

"Once You Start Down The Dark Path, Forever Will It Dominate Your Destiny."

I was once in product management. The Titles came in many forms - business analyst, product owner, product analyst - to me it was all semantics. At least to me, right now. I'm looking back in time with hindsight. Right now, I'm on the other side. The Dark Side.

My name is Bi Nguyen and I'm a self-taught full stack web developer. My journey has only just started but I've seen enough to know that I can't go back to what life used to be. This power is infinite and I know I'm not good enough to walk away from it. It's in my blood...

Welcome to my online portfolio. You'll get used to my dark, crude sense of humor soon enough. Down below you'll be able to view my work, skills, posts, and hopefully, find your own source of inspiration to harness the power of The Dark Side within.

Skills. Front to Back.

I enjoy coding in all things JavaScript. Although my preferred stack is MERN, I can't hold back my wandering soul. These are all the techs and tools I enjoy using the most.

  • MongoDB

  • Express.JS

  • React.JS

  • Node.JS

  • Frameworks/ Libraries
    • Angular.JS

    • Bootstrap

    • EJS

    • Express.JS

    • jQuery

    • mongoose.JS

    • Next.JS

    • React.JS

    • Redux

    • Sass

    • Typescript

    • Atom

    • Chrome Dev Tools

    • Git

    • GitHub

    • Heroku

    • MongoDB Atlas

    • NPM

    • Postman

    • VSCode

    • Vercel

    • Contentful

    • Ghost

    • Squarespace

    • Strapi

    These techs were used for building this site.

    Code Nguyen. The Portfolio.

    OOP Fundamentals in ES6 JavaScript

    Note Keeper App with React.JS

    To Do List App with Node.JS and MongoDB

    Users and Posts App with Angular.JS

    Code Nguyen. The Blog.

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